WordPress Theme & Plugin Updates

Affinity runs Automatic WordPress Theme And Plugin Updates to substantially reduce the risk of your website becoming vulnerable to attack.

Whilst great pains are taken to ensure the integrity of the WordPress core files, out of date themes and plugins can cause vulnerabilities that allow malicious code and software to be injected into your site.

WordPress core security is excellent and continues to improve, with quick patches released as soon as any issues are found.

WordPress Auto Updates
Wordpress Updates prevent hacking and Viruses

One of the great things about using WordPress as a tool for creating your website and content management is the availability of themes and plugins that greatly enhance your site and assist in its development.

The problem is that it is vital to the stability and security of your site that the underlying code that supports these scripts is up dated on a regular basis to keep them stable and to plug security flaws that will cause disruption if the plugin fails or by providing a weakness to be exploited by hackers and malware.

Our advanced Dynamic WordPress Theme And Plugin Updates software checks the themes and plugins on your site are the most current version available, whilst our software compares the WordPress core files with those on the WordPress Codex.

Affinity gets regular updates regarding security issues found in plugins and themes and act on them as soon as one is discovered, we also post the information about any WordPress Theme And Plugin Updates we carry out in our security news.

When you join Affinity, you can have faith that the security of your website, with the Automatic WordPress Theme And Plugin Update service that are offered, you are our number one priority.

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