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WordPress SecurityOne question that gets asked over and over again about WordPress Security is “Is WordPress secure?” and in a nutshell…Absolutely.

WordPress security is taken seriously by the developers at, the developers of WordPress

The problem isn’t with the WordPress core, it’s everything else, outdated themes, poorly coded plugins, security holes in your hosting, the list goes on, that and the fact that more than a quarter of the world’s websites are run on WordPress make WordPress sites easy pickings for automated attacks.

WordPress Security…Ask yourself…Why would anybody want to hack a little old WordPress website like mine?

Most business will say “We’re not an e-commerce site, we don’t hold credit card details or large amounts of personal data on our website!” And while credit card and date theft are a common reason for hacking, there are other reasons why a hacker would be interested in your site.

Here are a few common reasons why WordPress Security is so important.

  1. Hackers who infect other peoples computers don’t want to use their own computers and servers to do it from, after all that can be traced back to them, instead they infect other peoples websites, uploading their malware and viruses so when they send out their spam, the unsuspecting recipients may actually be downloading malicious software from your computer.
  2. Hackers may infect your website with a sniffer virus, this little-automated robot looks for names, addresses and telephone number then reports back with the information to their lords and masters where ever they are. Have you ever wondered how you get a call from Microsoft saying, “Hello, this is Microsoft, is that Mr John King of such and such address?” they then go onto confirm your address and ask have you noticed your computer is running slowly, this is the start of a scam as Microsoft would never phone you.
  3. Hackers can use your website to do broader attacks, commonly called Brute Force Attacks. With enough websites under their control and creating a large network of compromised computers, they can attack other sites with the aim of overwhelming a site with so much traffic that the website shuts down. Recently there have been Brute Force Attacks on Financial Institutions as well as Government websites and systems.

There are many other reasons why hackers do what they do, but at Affinity Hosting we’re on a mission…Our Job…protect your site.