WordPress Security

An overview about WordPress security.

WordPress has been responsible for a quiet revolution on the web, bringing ease of use, flexibility and functionality to website design.

Now small businesses can have a professional web presence and can take advantage of the exciting marketing opportunities provided by the Internet.

WordPress gives a business the tools to respond quickly and positively to marketing opportunities as they arise and inform customers of the very latest products offered by your business. In fact, it is now the cornerstone of your marketing.


Make no mistake. WordPress sites are vulnerable for many reasons, but the most important one is they represent the biggest single source of opportunity so they are a specific target for the perpetrators of cyber-crime.

Every WordPress site that they infiltrate and compromise becomes a source of revenue.

Once they have compromised your site, the fact may soon be registered by Google resulting in loss of rankings and even more importantly, what sort of message does it give to customers and potential customers.

Most WordPress sites are wide open to this type of practice but the good news is that we are here for you.

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WordPress security from Affinity Hosting

We provide you with a platform and all the tools and assistance you require to keep your website secure.

Remember what we said about your website being the cornerstone of your marketing? Well, the truth is that cornerstones need to be on firm foundations.

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