Scheduled Off-Site Back Ups

Preserving your data

If your data isn't safe, neither is your business. With Affinity not only do you get the security but also the peace of mind knowing a reliable back up mechanism is in place.

In the years gone by we have experienced our own catastrophic server crashes, and on both occasion we needed the entire directory and file backups for a complete site recovery.

A backup should include not only your WP database, but also your entire media library, theme files, plugins and everything else.

serious website crash
Affinty Hosting backup solution

Our software runs without you even knowing it, irrespective of how often you update you website, we back it up on a daily basis.

Both you and us need trustworthy and reliable backups, we need to be able to depend on our backups so you have complete peace of mind.

They can't be corrupted or incomplete.

A backup should be there when you need it, ready to save the day.