Malware Protection With 24/7 Site Monitoring & Anti Virus Scans

Malware ProtectionHopefully you run Antivirus and Malware protection on your own PC, Affinity uses similar software to ensure your website is kept free from infections. The infection of a business or individuals websites has become a major problem these days.

Cyber criminals target these legitimate websites to plant infections that are passed on in what are known as “drive-by infections or Drive-by Download”.

This is why you need Malware Protection!

WordPress Malware ProtectionA Drive-by Download is described as “How malware can infect your computer simply by visiting a website that is running malicious code (Most of the time, these are legitimate websites that have been compromised to redirect you to another site controlled by the hackers).

Click the link for the full anatomy of how a Drive-by Infection works.

The infection of your company’s website will be a devastating blow to your carefully cultivated image and will negatively impact your existing and potential customers if you are seen to be the source of an infection, you will potentially also find yourself black listed by Google and other search engines. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see examples of what a Hacked and dangerous site looks like.)

The good news is we have you covered. Should your site get hacked or infected, we will have a backup of your site to re-install and get you live as quickly as possible.

Malware Protection & Virus Scans

Malware is often disguised or embedded in non-malicious files, so you may not know your site is infected.

Hackers use malware to gather sensitive information and get unauthorized access to your site.

With Affinity you know your site is malware-free with scheduled malware scanning and reporting.

Our malware protection scanning works by analyzing your site to identify any malicious content, phishing software and suspicious code detected by a reliable network of antivirus engines and website scanners.

We will set regular scheduled scans of URLs and files so your can be assured of ongoing Malware protection.

Warning: some images contain language that some people may find offensive.