Hosting Support Guide

Hosting Support pageWhat's included and what's not included in our Hosting Support

Servers and Hosting Support

Affinity is responsible for your Hosting Environment and Hosting Support, that is, the servers that your website files are stored on to make your site publicly available. Our job is to make sure that our servers - and your website - are up and running.

We are responsible for updating our security protocols so our servers and your site doesn't get hacked. We are also responsible for keeping the software that runs the Affinity Servers up to date.


Affinity has a suite of security software that continuously protects and scans your website against todays ultra-advanced online security threats, cyber attacks and hacks.

These include but are not limited to;

  • Remote, Frequent and Scheduled Scans
  • Scans of Core, Theme and Plugin Files
  • Scans for Malware, Backdoors and DNS Changes
  • Checks if site is Spamvertised or Generating Spam
  • Allows Network, IP and Country blocking
  • Block Brute Force Attacks

Scheduled Off-Site backups

Based on our experience a complete backup must include not only your WP database, but also your entire media library, theme files, plugins and everything else.

We schedule these backups at regular intervals. So in the case of any failure we can restore your entire directory and file backups for a complete web site recovery.

Your Website

Your WordPress website is made up of files. You may recognise some as .PHP .HTML .ASP as well as the core WordPress files. Many of these file types have version numbers, the higher the number the later the version. These files are updated at regular intervals by the authors to fix bugs, increase security, improve speed as well as fix vulnerabilities that may have been found,. But, for whatever the reason, these files need to be kept up to date for the security of your WordPress installation.

Affinity will update your WordPress Core Files when updates become available, we will update Themes as they become available and we will update the plugins on your site when they get updated.

What we don't do!

Affinity support does not include services to modify or extend WordPress, WordPress themes, files or Plugins beyond their original functionality.

If our hosting package includes third part assets (e.g. a theme, plugin or slider) the author of the third party asset is required to provide support for that asset.

For any customisation services we recommend contacting the original Author or a website developer who offers customisation services.

Other than the initial installation, Affinity does not offer any installation services with the exception of software to upgrade any security to your website.

If you have any questions regarding what we do please use the hosting support widget at the bottom of this page.