About Us

Mark Hickman

Co-Founder and Director at Affinity Hosting.

Mark was first involved online in 2001 whilst working for DSG, the then owner of FreeServe, the first free ISP in the UK.

Having realised years ago that not all hosting is equal, Mark helped found Affinity Hosting, now whatever type of website you have or want, you can now get a flexible, highly scalable and low cost way to deliver it with speed, safety and security.

Mark has this to say about the Affinity hosting Platform "It is Exceptional Hosting, Awesome Support"


Dale Bulbrook


Co-Founder and Director at Affinity Hosting.

Dale got his creds as a programmer and developer in the 1980's and 90's with clients like Lloyds of London, Exxon Mobile, Reuters, Crown Paints and Go Compare.

He also had account number 482 with Pipex internet, one of the first UK based ISP's founded in 1990.

Dales experience is vast and past experience includes Systems Analyst, Application Developer, Database Designer and Project Manager in a wide variety of business applications.

Philip Waite

Co-Founder and Director at Affinity Hosting.

Since 2006 Philip has run an outsourced IT department for micros businesses, small businesses and consumers.

Comprised of 24/7 remote computer support, website design and development, email and website hosting along with reselling Cloud Services including offsite data backup, CRM and accounting services for SMEs. 

Primarily responsible for Technical support, Philip bring a wealth of experience in Customer services to Affinity Hosting.


Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes Web

Sales and Marketing

Core strengths are customer engagment and acquisition through strategic Social Media Marketing. Mark is a highly regarded authority in helping businesses in various competitive market sectors including community based projects, health and leisure, new digital media and event organization. 

He develops and implements highly effective communication channels for lead acquisition and maintaining existing customer relationships through the utilization of relevant Social Networking platforms. 

Other members of the team are Simon King, Ahmed Deghiedy and a staff of hosting engineers and support staff.

The Early Years 1998 - 2006

In the early years, Dale ran Webdesigns Limited, building websites from raw HTML for early adopters of the web technology.

These websites needed hosting somewhere, and as the likes of Fasthosts, Heart and Go-daddy weren't around then, websites were hosted on a dedicated servers withing the office space, connected to the web using what then was referred to as 256k dial up connections.

Dial-up connections to the Internet require no infrastructure other than a telephone network and the modems and servers needed to make and answer the calls.

As demand for websites grew so did hosting requirements, and due to ever increasing demand for hosting eventually in 2006 Dale formed Sussex Hosting.

2006 - Present Day

Since then many different hosting providers have been tried including, Dedicated Servers, VPS's, shared servers, we have sourced space on Digital Ocean and Amazon Web Services to name but a few, until the unthinkable actually happened.

On the 28th January 2017, Amazon web services sent us an email, a copy of which is below.

Important, I'll say it was important...The most IMPORTANT part was the "your instance may already be unreachable", but because we run a tight ship, we had all the backup files, so although a considerable job, we moved all of the sites and very few clients knew it had happened.

It was exactly at this time that we thought to ourselves..." mmmm, maybe Amazon isn't such a good idea", after all, the poor support we had experienced, and now the obvious old kit they were selling us.

It was at this time that we heard about a new Server Farm being developed just outside of Nottingham.

Traditionally, server farms have utilised HDD (Spinning drives) to store websites on. This type of drive works a little like an old record player, a disk spins and an arm tracks across it to find the information.

So with moving parts comes wear and heat. (So now you can understand why Amazon hardware fails).

These types of server farms have been built and run in very cold places, Iceland, Greenland, Alaska and the likes, predominantly because it keeps the cooling bills down, AirCon costs a lot of money, and it's also very bad for the environment, so it makes sense to house a server farm where the natural coldness of the place is a benefit.

New Technology in servers has been developed, now there are no spinning disk and moving parts (well the parts that do move are at atomic levels) this makes them about a quarter of the size of traditional HDDs, a massive amount of difference in heat generation, and very importantly about 20 times faster than spinning disk. Couple that along with now it's easier and cheaper than ever before to house these banks of servers here in the UK, internet speeds for UK businesses will really start ramping up.

These new drives are SSD's - Solid State Drives and there are many benefits over and above those mentioned above to be had by building or moving your website onto a new 100% SSD platform based in the UK.

OK, enough of the Sales pitch.

So a little about the technology.

  • Built using 100% Samsung SSD storage
  • Intel Dual Octo processors
  • 128Gb DDR4 memory per machine
  • Load balanced and Health check
  • No single point of failure.
  • Data security and offsite backups

This is hosting like no other, and our platform has been built on the same infrastructure as Google